Hack City Monthly Meetup

April 24, 10 A.M. - 2 P.M., Norris Conference Center

The GIKS (Grace, Ian, Kevin, and Syed) invite you to mingle with other hackCity members and participate in this month’s Hackathon event.Cost: Free. Duration: Duration 24 hours: Start 9am on Friday and End Sunday 5pm (team work 8 hours a day for 3 days - Virtual - no Onsite) alone or with their desired team members. If you need help finding additional team members, search hackCity by Skills. Application: All Hackathon participants.

Summer Jam Hackathon Series

June 8 - August 3

Our friends at ChallengePost just launched the Summer Jam Hackathon Series -- 8 online hackathons between now and August -- and we want you to represent UMass Amherst! The top 3 schools with the most participating hackers will win sponsorships for their next hackathons. THE FIRST TWO HACKATHONS ARE OPEN NOW THROUGH JUNE 22: REINVENT THE SELFIE (powered by Twilio) Valencia is so played out. Build the next generation.

Coffee & Code

June 10, 8pm, Houston Technology Center

Do you want to carve out some creative code time where you can work on your projects without anybody looking over your shoulder or wondering when you'll be finished with that feature? Or maybe there's a language or technology that you've really wanted to try but haven't found the time to do it.Do yourself a favor and come out to Code & Coffee where you can sit down and code to your heart's content on whatever project you bring. Whatever the language and level, show up.